Voter Information

Basic Information About Voting in San Francisco

  1. Register to vote
  2. Sign up to Vote by Mail
  3. Verify that you are registered to vote. Many people go to the polls and find they are not registered, even after voting for many years.
  4. Check your polling location and look up a sample ballot .
  5. Visit the Department of Elections website to learn about when and where to vote.
  6. Learn more about statewide initiatives (including which issues have the League’s support) at the California League’s educational voter information site:


Who Are Your Representatives?

  1. San Francisco’s Mayor is Ed Lee.
  2. San Francisco has a Board of Supervisors who represent various districts.
  3. Federal Senators and Congressional Representatives
  4. State Assembly Reps David Chiu (District 17) and Phillip Ting (District 19)
  5. State Senator Scott Wiener (District 11)


San Francisco’s 311 System

San Francisco has a centralized help system for filing complaints and getting assistance on a number of issues. Known as the 311 system, you can reach them by calling “311″ or accessing the City’s 311 website.