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From the Story Bank: Why I Joined the League

Kathryn MacDonald

Kathryn MacDonald


I don’t recall how I learned about the League but just knew about its reputation as one of non-biased political information. When it was time to vote I would often check the League’s positions on issues to expedite my information gathering as I was making my voting decisions.

My joining the League was motivated by my frustrations about how some of the elections were turning out. It often seems like the ads and voting mailers are meant to confuse and influence rather than inform and elucidate. I was seeking out honest, nonpartisan voter information. Volunteering with the League allows me to contribute to a more informed voting population. I believe that if everyone participates, in an informed way, regardless of their affiliation or party, as an informed voter, and VOTES, our country would be in better shape. It is frustrating to witness how much dark money is influencing elections and used to dispense misinformation, and I wanted an outlet that would allow me to fight back against this disinformation and help other voters make informed decisions as well – not based on lies but facts.

I have been a member for over 2 years and serve on the SF League’s communications committee.

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