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From the Story Bank: Why I Joined the League

jarlene choy

Jarlene Choy


After attending a League event and learning about rampant voter discrimination in 21st century California and meeting many passionate and knowledgeable long-time League members, I felt compelled to join the League. I wanted not only to further educate myself about the political process and learn from these strong and inspiring women leaders, but also help increase civic awareness and engagement in my local community. Having worked for several years with under-privileged youth and women, I firmly believe in the power of empowering others with the knowledge and skills to become more informed decision-makers, voters and stronger voices in their communities. As a Chinese-American I also hope to increase Asian-American participation in the political process.

Furthermore my experiences working in China have deepened my appreciation of how a nation’s history and culture shapes its society and public policy, and just how much political privilege I enjoy as an American. I remember when my local Chinese colleague told me, “I have limited career mobility and opportunities, but you are lucky, because you’re American. You can leave [rural] China whenever you want.” Her words remind me of the responsibility I have to educate myself and others about the importance of civic engagement.

I respect and admire the League’s long history of, and commitment to, providing the public with unbiased and non-partisan information. I am grateful for this opportunity to serve on the Board as the Advocacy Co-Chair. I still have much to learn and am thankful for all the dedicated Board and League members who continue to teach me so much.

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