Electronic Voting Without Fraud

A voting system designer, David Bismark, proposes a voting system that all but guarantees that every vote will be counted as cast.  It is remarkably simple, though the accuracy control requires us voters to match up our voting receipt with an online image of the vote recorded for us.  Should take about three to seven minutes, depending on the length of the ballot. 

As we like to say, democracy is not a spectator sport.  I think checking to confirm our ballot was recorded as we cast it is something we could motivate voters to  do.  Now, if we could just motivate elections officials to deliver the system.  LLII. 

ps.  San Francisco is still dithering over the interim mayor selection.  As mentioned previously, imagine the backr00m discussions.  For a breath of transparent air, see the all public/all the time California  redistricting proceedings, taking place under the watchful eye of any interested person, as well as the League of Women Voters.

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