January 2013




LWVSF Program Planning Session 2

Saturday, January 26, 2013
LWVSF Program Planning Session II: 2:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.
During our second session, we will review LWVSF's local study on Vote by Mail, provide an update on 2012 programs, and set the agenda for our 2013 program work.
To RSVP and for location: Please call the League office at 415-989-8683


Program is the League's "reason for being," the basis for both education and action efforts. League program consists of those governmental issues that League members choose for concerted study and action. It includes both adopted positions upon which action is taken and issues for study that will lead to a position and action.


The League program process begins with selection and adoption, continues with study and discussion, and culminates in action and change. It involves members of the League and members of the community, it cuts across government and League levels both horizontally and vertically. Local Leagues work simultaneously on local, state, and national levels. Issues reflect community concerns and range from local park facilities to international trade, from child care to offshore drilling, from air pollution to arms control, from mental health to agriculture policy. Name it and the League, somewhere, is involved!


Need to renew or join the League? It’s fast and easy and you’ll be supporting the strong work we’re doing for our community and our democracy.

Bay Area League Day


Water: California's Gold

Saturday, February 2, 2013
9:00 a.m. – 2:10 p.m.
First Unitarian Church of Oakland
685 14th Street at Castro, Oakland, CA 94612.

Join us to learn about the importance of water in California.
Experts will inform us about Background, Governance and Conveyance.
Cost in advance: $30 ($15 without lunch); at the door $35 ($20 without lunch).
To register please write a check payable to ‘LWVBA’ and mail, including your name
and any guest names to LWVBA, 1611 Telegraph Avenue, Suite 300, Oakland, CA 94612.
Registration is also available online via PayPal at www.lwvbayarea.org.
For more details, please call (510) 839-1608 or email editor@bayareamonitor.org.


Save the Dates!


There are a lot of exciting and informative events coming up in the next few months. So be sure to mark your calendars now, and we'll have more information available soon!


LWVSF Study: Vote By Mail Consensus Meetings

Saturday, February 23, 2013 and Tuesday, February 26, 2013
For more information on what a League study is and for resources pertaining to our local Vote By Mail Study, please visit our website.


LWVC Study: Initiative and Referendum Study, San Francisco Consensus Meetings

Monday, March 11, 2013 and Saturday, March 23, 2013

For more information on the State League's Initiative and Referendum Process Update Study, please visit the LWVC website.


LWVSF's 'Women Who Could Be President' Gala

Wednesday, March 20, 2013 at beautiful City Club in downtown San Francisco.


LWVC Convention "myLeague: Leading the Charge for Change"

May 17-19 at the historic Hayes Mansion in San Jose. Registration begins 2/19.

For more information, please visit the LWVC Convention blog.

The LeagueVoice: What would you say?


Did you know that LWVSF has a blog, the LeagueVoice? More importantly, we hope it can be a place that a wide range of opinions, proposals and discussions can take place informally to encourage informed and engaged civic participation in San Francisco.  We know that you are smart, savvy and have something to say so don't be shy - contact lwvsf@lwvsf.org for more information or to submit your post for consideration. We encourage you to forward this opportunity to others in your community, too!

Story Bank: Lauren Reid


It was during my last semester of graduate school when I was first introduced to the League through a 60 Minutes special about the history of the US presidential debates. As a I sat in class, I remember thinking two things: 1) how infuriated I was that the debates were allowed to be overrun by both political parties and the TV networks and 2) how incredibly proud I was that the League stood up to these self-interested superpowers. As I watched the national League’s president tell the media and country that the debates’ integrity was being compromised, I was intrigued that a group of women were the central champions of what should have been and continue to be a fair and honest debating process, and that at the core of this debate was the country’s right to hear what the candidates believe without manipulation and filters.


At the time I also had no idea the League was still well alive and kicking. It wasn’t until I saw the San Francisco League’s name on a Board volunteer recruiting list that I was aware that the League was active and right away I knew that I wanted to join the ranks. Currently I serve as Board Secretary, manage grants and donor cultivation, and have been involved in the vote-by-mail study committee. After almost two years of serving on the Board, I’m truly blown away by the amazing energy and care my Board peers, staff and members give to make our work possible.


The single most important lesson the League has taught me is that our democracy is not a done deal and, above all, it is not a static process. Political systems will sometimes have weak links or poor processes in place, but it is through the strong will and stewardship of individual citizens that we make our system accountable to our democratic principles. I believe Eleanor Roosevelt beautifully summed up this same sentiment, when she said, “Democracy requires both discipline and hard work. It is not easy for individuals to govern themselves. . . It is one thing to gain freedom, but no one can give you the right to self-government. This you must earn for yourself by long discipline.”





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