December 2013


Annual Appeal


A special message from LWVSF President Cynthia Foster


In November, 1911 women finally gained the right to vote in California and the San Francisco Center was founded to promote voters education and women's suffrage. Nine years later, the Center joined the National League of Women Voters. Since then, the League has dedicated itself to educating and empowering people of all communities to participate responsibly in government. We championed civil rights, reproductive freedom, compulsory education and equal opportunity for women, child labor laws and so much more. For over 100 years we have upheld a legacy of equality and patriotism.


By donating today, you can support this legacy.


Last year we continued to promote educated involvement in politics in San Francisco. We created a Pros and Cons Guide, organized a Speaker's Bureau, and held countless community educational workshops regarding elections and voting. All of this work is done at the grassroots level by volunteers who continue the League's legacy of non-partisan educational

programs and advocacy. While we strive for efficiency and conservation, we do require funds to maintain our organization. We rely on donations to pay for printing and publication of our voting materials, the daily costs of office upkeep, and for our only paid position, the

Program Manager, who is needed to manage our programs and to ensure we are providing the best possible services to our community.


The League of Women Voters of San Francisco has a doubly impressive legacy. It not only carries forward over 100 years of commitment to non-partisan education and equality through its alliance to the League of Women Voters as a national organization, it also resides in one of the most political cities in the world. Support our legacy and the legacy of San Francisco today!


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The Bay Area Monitor


A special message from Marion Taylor, President, LWV Bay Area


For nearly 40 years, the LWV Bay Area has published the Bay Area Monitor to promote awareness about critical yet frequently overlooked issues that affect our region. Focusing primarily on transporation, air quality, water, land use, open space, and various environmental concerns, the Monitor showcases replicable strategies for enhancing sustainability, conserving resouces, advancing equity, increasing efficiency, and safeguarding public health across the region.


To subscribe to announcements regarding new editions of the Monitor, published onine, please visit our subscription page.


With any questions, please don't hesitate to contact (510) 839-1608 or email

Welcome to Our New Program Manager, Nati Oron!


LWVSF is proud to welcome our new Program Manager, Nati Oron! A message for members from Nati follows:


Hello, San Francisco League of Women Voters! As your new Program Manager, I am so excited to become an integral part of your League and help in any way I can. This League does such important work in our community, and it is a privilege to be able to work alongside such knowledgeable men and women to provide these much needed services. As someone completely new to the League of Women Voters, I want to extend an open invitation to all League members. Simple get in touch with me, either through email or phone, and we can plan to meet at the office or for coffee or lunch! I would love to learn from your experience and listen to your suggestions and needs.


A little bit about myself- I graduated from UC Berkeley in 2012 with a B.A. in History and a minor in LGBT Studies. My studies have made me a passionate advocate for gender and racial equality and LGBTQI rights. After graduating, I traveled and volunteered for a year- mostly in India, but also in Nepal and Europe. I love travelling and learning about new cultures, but also find that my experiences abroad have made me appreciate all the wonderful things we have here in the Bay Area. Yes, I am speaking about clean water, operating toilets, and warm showers; but also the less transparent things, such as our right to speak up about the things we care about, our access to education, and our often open discussions around inequalities in our society. Of course, we still have much work ahead of us, but the Bay Area is such a wonderful place to fight for the things we care about. This brings me back to the League, and how excited I am to help spread political awareness and involvement through the organization.  


So please, feel free to contact me with any suggestions or questions. I am so excited to learn from and work with all of you.

2014 Program Planning


Saturday, January 25, 2014 | 9:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.


Members are invited to join us for our Program Planning Day, where we finalize our priorities for the upcoming year. It is a great way for members to get involved and decide on which projects they want to participate in the upcoming year.

For location and details, please contact the office or (415) 989-8683.

Welcome New Members!


LWVSF is glad to welcome the following new members! We look forward to meeting you and sharing with you all that LWVSF has to offer.


Asia Reid

Juliet Carnoy

Molly Jones

Upcoming Events


Program Planning
Saturday, January 25, 2014 | 9:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.
Please RSVP to or 415-989-8683 for location.  





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