Local candidates – In their own words.

During the past several weeks, the League of Women Voters has conducted candidate forums in a handful of supervisorial districts. The forums were located in the districts. The candidates turned up, for the most part. In nearly every instance (there was the distraction of the Giants game one evening), so did the neighbors. Questions submitted in advance and on the evening of the forum received answers, or at least responses. I was timekeeper for two events; the candidates were limited in time to give everyone an equal opportunity to speak.

It was pretty impressive to see the range of questions and the on-point responses, though a fellow Leaguer pointed out that, at this point in the campaign, the candidates have their pitch finely tuned. Still, I came away with the feeling that all of the candidates I heard were serious about being productive and constructive if elected. Without question, at least a few of these people probably see the Supervisor position as a step along the path to greater glory. Nonetheless, for those couple of hours of an Autumn evening before the voters, there was commitment to public service in the air. Smart, thoughtful plans for community improvement, too.

The League never endorses a candidate, but we do provide information to help voters draw their own conclusions. All forums were taped live and are being broadcast until November 2 on SFGTV. Links to each forum will be posted at www.lwvsf.org as they are available. Visit the site for all things election readiness. LLII.

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