Changing Transit and Changing Rules

In 2009, the California legislature gave local congestion management agencies permission to ask voters to approve an additional $10 vehicle registration fee to pay for projects related to transportation. The San Francisco County Transportation Authority has proposed an amendment to City Regulations to add a $10 fee to the annual registration fee for all vehicles registered in San Francisco on or after May 2, 2011. Proceeds from this fee, which are projected to amount to about five million dollars annually, would be used for street repairs and reconstruction with the focus on streets with high bicycle and transit traffic; pedestrian safety, including crosswalk improvements, sidewalk repairs, and lighting; and transit improvements including bus stop improvements and traffic signal upgrades, 

The second proposition discussed by the BSC would change the City’s Code of Conduct to prohibit elected City officials from also serving on a political party central committee. The central committees are powerful groups, usually elected by party members, which raise money and support campaigns for the party’s candidates and for ballot measures.  Currently recognized political parties are the Republican Party, Democratic Party, American Independent Party, and the Peace and Freedom Party. They are subject to a different set of ethics and campaign finance regulations than the ones that apply to City officials. At the present time, elected City officials can hold a city office and at the same time be a member of a central committee. This year’s ballot measure would eliminate dual memberships in the future.

The Ballot Simplification Committee has now discussed nine ballot measures and has approved the ballot language for them. All of the approved measures are posted on the BSC section of the Department of Elections’ website  The committee is scheduled to meet from Monday to Friday next week to consider the remaining ballot measures for November 2. Check back here on Monday to see the next update!

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