Ballot background – and the League’s positions

At just two websites, you can find comprehensive information about the November 2 ballot. Candidate and ballot measure information is at SmartVoter. No need to navigate the Department of Elections paper voter guides, though they suffer from being overwhelming more than anything else. Point and click suits your learning style. SmartVoter accommodates it.

For League positions regarding the statewide and San Francisco ballot measures (never candidates), check here.

There is still time to get comfortable with a rationale, informed decision. Don’t let a vote-by-mail ballot make you feel rushed. You can drop it off at any San Francisco polling place or City Hall before the polls close on Tuesday. No standing in line.

As a bonus, when you drop off the ballot at the polls, you get the snazzy, rightly self-satisfying I Voted! sticker to wear all day. It is the perfect accessory. LLII.

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