Worrying about religion

Many supporters of both presidential candidates this year have been concerned about the frequent references to religion during the campaign. The most troubling comments heard are the ones that suggest Obama is a Muslim and is therefore unfit to become President. Of course it is not true, because we all know Obama is a Christian, but the argument goes beyond that obvious lie. To suggest that being a Muslim disqualifies someone from becoming President goes against everything America stands for. Colin Powell, one of our most admired public figures, had the courage to point out that Muslims are just as entitled to serve in public office as anyone else. Today in the N.Y. Times, Maureen Dowd celebrates General Powell’s forceful statement. When this election is over and forgotten (will we ever forget it?) it’s most lasting legacy may be the acknowledgement that all American citizens, no matter what their ethnic group or religion, can aspire to become our leaders. That’s the lesson we hope our children will learn and perhaps the one that makes this seemingly endless election season worthwhile.

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