Women helping women

This morning’s S.F. Chronicle features a story about how a group of women in Uganda are becoming self-sufficient and supporting their families by making jewelry. Two Colorado women bought some of the handmade beads fashioned by a Ugandan woman from old magazines. They brought some home in 2003 and discovered that the beads were popular with friends and neighbors. This led to their starting a nonprofit project to train other women to make beads and send them to the U.S. and other countries. The project Beads for Life now has 300 women in Uganda making beads and another 100 learning how to make them. The colorful, attractive necklaces, bracelets and notecards are available online from their website. It’s difficult to find overseas aid projects that offer not only help for immediate needs, but hope for future self-sufficiency. This one is worth taking note of. 

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