Woman to woman

Michelle Obama has joined her husband in talking about the importance of healthcare reform. Her speech, as reported in the Boston Globe, pointed out that women across the country are often in charge of healthcare for family and relatives. Most caregivers for the sick and elderly are women and most children are cared for by women, yet policy decisions are often made by men, many of whom have little experience with the issue. This is the kind of situation the League of Women Voters was formed to change. When women got the vote, almost a century ago now, many people expected the country would become a more caring society. That didn’t happen. Women tend to vote pretty much the same way men do, but when we deal with an issue that particularly affects women and children, it’s time to call for a louder voice for women. It’s time for all those hardworking caregivers to stand up and insist that medical services be given to every American. It is a basic right and women all over the country can join Michelle Obama to call on our nation to give effective healthcare to all.

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