Will every vote count?

As the election campaign enters its final days, it’s time for concerned citizens to turn their eyes on the voting procedures in their county and state. Stories about possible registration fraud and voter fraud are widespread. The two basic concerns are that noneligible people will be allowed to vote or that eligible voters will be prevented from voting. Luckily, in these days of instant Internet connections, there are several website staffed by people dedicated to publicizing news of possible election fraud. One of these is www.votersunite.org another is the blog bradsblog.com
Both of these give useful information, but nothing beats individual effort at the polls. Many chapters of the League of Women Voters send monitors to observe what is going on at the precinct level. When unusual or suspicious actions are observed, they are photographed and recorded, then reported to the election officials. Only by this methodical grassroots effort can the integrity of our polls be ensured and our faith in democracy maintained.

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