Why women don’t speak up

When you go to a League meeting, or to meetings of other community groups, women are well represented and often express their opinions freely. When you look at the op-ed pages of newspapers, however, the great majority of columns are written by men. An article in the S.F. Chronicle reports that efforts are being made to change that. Seminars are being offered regularly in cities, including San Francisco, to encourage women to end that disparity. Why don’t women write more opinion pieces? One suggestion is that women find it difficult to say they are “experts” on any particular area. Many women are accustomed to portraying themselves as less knowledeable than they are and defering to the opnions of others. Isn’t it about time we encouraged women to speak up, not just in local venues, but also on the pages of newspapers and magazines to talk about their ideas and make suggestions about public policy?

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