Who goes to college?

Immigration is an emotional topic for many Americans and Californians are probably closer to the issue than people in some other states. That’s why the National League has organized a study of the issue of Immigration which is being carried out by League chapters across the country. Information about the study and the resources recommended for it are available on the League website. While we are studying the issue, many people are facing the problems associated with immigration, one of which is what happens to children brought to this country by undocumented parents. If these children, many of whom have no memory of any other country, do not get a good education, they are less likely to become productive U.S. citizens. A bill in congress, the DREAM Act introduced by Senators Durbin, Hagel, and Lugar would offer some of these young people a chance to go to state universitites and pay the same tuition as other state residents. This is a contentious issue, as demonstrated in the arguments written for and against it. The state League is trying to reach a consensus on whether we should support this legislation. The League has long supported education for all Americans, and excluding young people because their parents did not enter the country legally, would put them at a great disadvantage. On the other hand, the League also strongly supports the need to obey the law and follow the decisions made by elected representatives. As individuals, probably each of us has opinions on this subject, but reading up on the background and considering the pros and cons of proposed legislation takes time and effort. It’s an effort that we owe to the young people of California.

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