Where is the tech world heading?

In all the excitement of Election Day most people were watching the votes for President, for city government and the propositions on the ballot. It is easy for the changes in Congress to slip by unnoticed until new legislation alerts us to many changes in our everyday lives. One of the directions the new Congress is likely to take is to move toward greater government involvement with the high tech world that is such an important part of life in Northern California. We all know that all television programs will be sent to us in digital format starting in February. This changeover, as well as increasing interest in Net Neutrality and intellectual property rights will have an impact on all of us. CNet, one the major sources for news of the high tech world has given an overview of changes in Congress that will affect how the government handles these issues. Most of us may not know the legislators involved, but it is important to pay attention to what goes on. If we are committed to the free flow of information, transparency in government activities, and fair rights for producers and consumers of intellectual property, their work will be important to us. We might as well start now to become acquainted with the new players.

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