Where have the words gone?

Many people who subscribe to the S.F. Chronicle were disappointed today to find the Insight section sharply reduced in size and the Book section, tucked inside of it, small enough to overlook. We have all heard of how newspapers are struggling to exist, but surely publishing pounds of pages of colorful ads that go straight to the recycling bin isn’t going to win new readers. (Even in the newly deigned SFGate webapage, the Insight and Book sections are difficult to find) Sunday morning without a few columnists to argue with and new book titles to resolve to read is scarcely worth the time. We might as well turn on the Sunday morning TV news shows and listen to the rants. People read newspapers, either in print or online, to get new ideas that can be considered quietly. The Chronicle turns out plenty of those–please don’t take them away. For starters, read the front page article in the Insight section “Taming the Bipartisan Brain” by Thomas Gangale, which ends with the excellent advice “Read a book that you don’t think you’ll like.” Try it!

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