Where are the candidates?

While San Franciscans wait patiently to find out who the candidates for major city offices will be in November 2007, they are overwhelmed with information about candidates for major races in 2008. Not only have TV debates started among the candidates in both parties, but information of all kinds comes pouring in. The Chronicle today reviews the MySpace sites of four of the leading contenders for the presidency. Do voters really need to know that Hillary Clinton’s favorite reality show is “American Idol”? Will anyone cast a vote for Mitt Romney because he is an Elvis fan? Are researchers somewhere comparing the number of friends listed for Rudy Giuliani and John Edwards? As a civic organization dedicated to getting out information about candidates and issues in elections, the League may have met its match in MySpace. Did the League ever think of posting the astrological sign of each candidate? Is this going to be the hot topic in 2008? Where do we draw the line and point the voter toward the information that will help in making a decision? Yesterday’s problem was a lack of facts, tomorrow’s may be a deluge of facts that drown out the very things that matter.

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