What’s on the News?

The dreadful scenes from the tragedy in Blacksburg, Virginia, dominated both network and cable news channels on Wednesday. We know that most people get their news from TV, radio or the Internet, and all three were occupied in pondering questions about what would make a student kill so many people on a quiet college campus. The event led to many questions which are unlikely to ever be answered completely, but our news channels certainly gave the impression that it is important for everyone to ponder them.

Another piece of news almost escaped comment, as the Supreme Court made a decision that marks a dramatic turnaround in the country’s abortion practices. Although both the San Francisco Chronicle and the New York Times had editorials on this decision, the news comment was sparse and mostly in print sources. There are no good pictures of women and their doctors trying to maintain the health and safety of patients. This decision is likely to affect thousands of women over the years and may lead to further changes in the law. Whether you are in favor of the decision or opposed to it, this is a time to think about what has happened and what the implications for the future might be.

The League has for many years supported a woman’s right to choose, but an even more important right for all of us is the right to hear the news that truly makes a difference in our world. The opportunity to discuss and decide on the crucial issues in today’s society is one of the perks of being a League member. Participate and make your voice heard!

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