What’s happens on May 20th?

According to polls and anecdotal evidence, it seems that the voters will turn down every one of the six ballot measures being proposed for the May 19th special election. The long delayed budget compromise that was passed in February depended on the passage of these measures. What will happen if they are defeated? According to an article in the S.F. Chronicle, city governments will suffer if the measures fail. Most cities, including San Francisco, are already in bad shape financially and the loss of $80 million to $100 million in state funds will push many programs to the brink. State-mandated programs have to be paid for by the city no matter whether the funding is available or not. But does that mean that people who run social agencies would like to see the measures passed? According to N’Tanya Lee of the Coleman Advocates for Children and Youth, it’s not an easy decision. “We’re sort of between a rock and a hard place,” she is quoted as saying. Well all the rest of us can say the same. Choosing what to do about the May 19th ballot measures is not easy, but it’s an important decision for voters to make.

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