What’s changed in healthcare?

The League’s Healthcare Forum on May 27 got a lot of members talking about how healthcare has changed over the past fifteen years or so. Looking back to the early 1990s when President Clinton introduced healthcare legislation only to have it turned down, most of us can recognize that costs have gone up and care doesn’t seem to have improved much. But now we can turn to some documentation produced by the National LWV to get some hard facts on what the changes have been. Not only do far fewer people have healthcare insurance through an employer, but the many HMOs and other forms of insurance plans that have been developed in recent years do not seem to met the vision of the early 1990s. It’s not easy to see how we can move ahead on healthcare in the midst of the severe economic slump we are in, but it’s obvious that something has to be done. San Francisco has started an innovative program to provide healthcare for everyone, and the California legislature is considering a bill to provide single-payer health insurance. As citizen we have to keep our eyes on what is being done and persuade our representatives at all levels to make the changes needed to strengthen healthcare for all.

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