What the Media Created, or Nurtures.

What the media created or nurtures:

1.  Terry Jones, Gainsville, FL  2.  Sarah Palin.  3.  Barak Obama (remember the early days?). 4. The negative, fearful attitude toward universal healthcare.  5.  Snooki, whose own adoring father said (in wonderment) his daughter has no talent of entertainment value.  6. All the Real Housewives, especially Kim Kardashian.  7.  Pervasive ignorance about the uses and benefits of government revenue (taxes).  8.  Preference for the mediocre rather than excellence.  9.  Sexism.  10.  Ageism.  11.  Racism.  12.  The negative, fearful attitude toward the working poor.  13.  Chronic under-reporting of the unemployed and underemployed.  14. Chronic under-reporting of the cost of wars in which the U.S. participates, in financial and human terms.  And more which you can add. 

What are you reading?  How balanced is the “news” source?  It might be time to look up and outward in particular now that the November election campaigns are in full cry.  If something is getting relentless attention, try to resist absorption without inquiry.  It is difficult (seriously), but ultimately worthwhile when you cast an informed vote. 

We will quickly recover from the national embarrassment of Terry Jones, but we will live with the results of our election decisions much longer.  Rely on balanced, objective sources to help you make your choices.  www.lwevsf.orgwww.cavotes.org.  LLII.

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