What happened last Thursday?

The November election has come and gone, but it ended as quietly as it started and many San Franciscans still don’t know it happened. Final results are not in yet, and as the days roll into weeks, fewer and fewer people will care about them. But some important city issues were decided and we can all be grateful to organizations like SPUR which help us learn more about what happened and how the results might impact our lives. Today SPUR held an election roundup meeting featuring political commentators and pollsters David Latterman and Jim Stearns who have been crunching the numbers all week. The turnout was low, measuring about 33%. The figure may go up a little, but will remain in the low thirties. More absentee ballots are sent with every election, and the figure is fast approaching 50%. The most startling result of the election was the landslide victory for Gavin Newsom. Even his supporters hadn’t thought he would get over 70% of the vote, but he appears to have done that. And the ballot measure he spoke out against, Prop E, went down to defeat. The latest figures on the results can be seen, updated daily, on the website Usual Suspects. Good news for SPUR and for the League of Women Voters is the victory for Prop C, which may improve the quality of the ballot measures we vote on in years to come. So this quiet little election will indeed have a lasting impact on San Francisco.

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