What do you give the homeless?

In a month filled with holidays, many of us spend hours thinking about gifts for family and friends, but a column in Sunday’s Chronicle reminds us that other people may need gifts more than they do. Most people in San Francisco see homeless men and women every day. Some of them look pretty much like our family and friends, others are more pathetic, some are obnoxious, but we can’t avoid being aware of them. We have been warned against giving them money, but is sometimes seems we should offer something, especially at this season. Jan Gurley, in the Chronicle, gives a list of practical gifts that will help a homeless person without offering too many chances of reselling them for cash to buy drugs or drink. Have you ever thought of giving a homelss person a transit ticket? It can be a lifesaver for getting around the city to go to medical appointments or find a shelter. How about an inflatable footbath to soothe cold, dirty, tired feet? Hats, gloves, and mittens are also possibilities. Take a look at the article and you may decide it is worth spreading the holiday cheer a little wider than you did last year.

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