What do other people do?

With Congress on its Memorial Day holiday spreading out across the country to talk to constituents about many issues, including the proposed immigration legislation, it is a good time to think about the issue in broader terms. Americans usually think about this country as a magnet for immigrants from all over, but the worldwide issue is far broader than just immigrants who want to move to the U.S. Next month there will be a global conference on migration in Brussels. The impact of migration on development will be discussed by representatives of 120 states. While we talk about the way immigrants are affecting our city or state, it’s useful to remember that we are not the only people trying to adjust to new neighbors. Millions of people around the world are moving from one country to another looking for security for themselves and their families. It is worth looking at some of the reports from the Migration Policy Institute to find out what is going on in other places. The League’s Immigration Study will try to assess our options on immigration in the light of the worldwide experience.

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