What can we believe?

The last few days have been a feast for election-watchers as unexpected results came in from Iowa and then New Hampshire. Polls and pundits told us who would be the winner and who the losers in both races, but they didn’t get it right. In New Hampshire there were 9 polls that predicted a bad day for Hillary Clinton, but when voters made their choices, she turned out to be a winner. What went wrong with the polls? That’s a question posed by the Chronicle this morning in a thoughtful article pointing out how pollsters can go wrong. This is important reading for all of us, and it reminds League members of the value of giving voters information, as we do in forums, discussions, and publications rather than telling people what will happen. Our mandate as an organization is to be a source of reliable, objective information, somthing voters can count on as they make up their own minds about with candidates and issues to vote for. Three cheers for us!

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