What are women saying?

Newspapers and other media never tire of asking the old question, “What do women want?” although everyone has long since had the chance to point out that different women want different things just as men do. Now the nomination of Sarah Palin has raised that old issue again. Palin has certainly gotten a lot of attention from both men and women with her lively performances on the campaign trail, but the real question should be “What do voters want?” Focusing on specific groups within the electorate tends to be divisive. We are facing a national choice for president of our country, not an election for president of the fifth grade class. It’s not the boys against the girls. We gave that up years ago when we grew up and women took their place beside men working together for our families and our communities. Let’s ask our political parties to grow up too and ask what we as individuals want to choose for the future in this important election.

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