What are those bugs out there?

Anyone who travels on the N-Judah can see how popular the Academy of Sciences is by watching the happy families piling onto the trolleys at 9th Avenue to go downtown. Now we know that the academy is fulfilling not only its recreational function but also its scientific role in studying biodiversity in the city. As the Chronicle writes today, biology students from SFSU are trapping insects on the roof of the building and also on the ground surrounding it so they can compare the different kinds of insects in the area. So far it appears that the native plant environment on the roof nurtures a very different group of insects than the mixed environment in the park. You may not care much which insects inhabit the park as long as they stay away from you, but it’s important for scientists to learn more about the kinds of native and non-native creatures who share the city with us. It’s cheering to know that the museum is offering a new site where scientists can continue their ongoing quest to understand our environment.

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