What about those energy props?

Alternative energy is an attractive prospect for many Californians, so it’s no surprise that the coming election includes two ballot measures designed to encourage its use. Why have these two measures been questioned by so many groups? The S.F. Chronicle today does a good job of outlining the views of both supporters and opponents of Prop 7 Renewable Energy Generation and Prop 10 Alternative Fuel Vehicles and Renewable Energy Bonds. Supporters and opponents of Prop 7 have produced a number of TV ads that run over and over again on our screens, but the effect of watching them may cause more confusion than enlightenment. Who do you believe? Voters will have to read the fine print and make their own judgements. Prop 10, put forth by T. Boone Pickens has generated fewer ads, but equally strong disagreement. The Chronicle article will help voters sort out some of the issues. Equally important in deciding which ballot measures to support are the careful assessments made by the California League of Women Voters. The League’s recommendations give a concise overview of positions taken in the light of League principles adopted over the years.

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