What about the schools?

If you are the parent of young children, you probably are aware that the results of the California Standards Test for schools have been released. The Chronicle covers the major results of these tests, listing school-by-school results for Bay area counties. San Francisco has some reason to be proud, schools in the city improved their results in all three content areas–English, Language Arts, and Science. However, reading down the list of scores for individual schools shows how widely the scores vary. In some school close to 90 percent of students are proficient, in others the numbers are below 20 percent. Everyone who lives in the city, whether they have schoolage children or not, should be concerned about these differences. The success of the city as a whole depends largely on its workforce, and unless all of our children are being well educated, we have reason to fear the future. The League has for many years worked with EdSource, a nonprofit source of information about education issues in California. It is important that members learn more about what is going on in the schools and make our voices heard in shaping education policy. Check out the website at http://www.edsource.org .

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