Two home runs for the city

The home run Barry Bonds hit last night brought cheers and fireworks from fans. It’s great to have a new record and it was a pleasure to hear Bonds talk about his gratitude toward fans and teammates. Few people, however, heard about another triumph for S.F. which would have been on the front page of the Chronicle if only the home run hadn’t taken precedence. This triumph is the announcement of plans to build a new art museum for the city. Donald and Doris Fisher, founders of Gap, want to build a museum in the Presidio to house the important art collection they have built up over the years. Many of these pictures, according to the Chronicle, have never been seen by the public, and these include paintings by Roy Lichtenstein, Andy Warhol and Gerhard Richter. San Francisco already has a vibrant art community with several first class museums. This new one will a welcome addition to the scene. We should send up a few more fireworks to celebrate the event!

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