Today’s click & send for healthcare reform

Today’s click & send happened courtesy of Democracy for America. It was letters to the editors of the Chron and the Examiner. I entered my zip code and I was presented the opportunity to email a letter to the local papers and the national press, too. It took a bit more effort, as I had to draft my letter. The site offered content tips on the side, though.

I kept the message short, as one is supposed to for effective letters to the editor. Clicking “send email” worked. I received a confirmation from the Chron almost immediately. Send your own email from here.

If you carry on following the email to the editor(s), however, be watchful. For me, the following page invited me to send a message to Congress supporting the President’s healthcare priorities. Even though Obama has caved on a single payer system, he appears to be pressing for a public option so I was game. Two click & sends in one day. One ahead. Fine. Wellllllllllll. I couldn’t complete that click & send to Congress without making a contribution. I guess, for Democracy for American, it’s really pay, click & send.

Coming soon to a blog here, more about campaign finance reform. LLII.

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