Thinking deep thoughts

Despite having been raised on a diet of loud music and dazzling high speed video games, it seems that a number of today’s college students are opting for the ancient, thoughtful discipline of philosophy. According to an article in the N.Y. Times the philosophy departments in many colleges are growing as students seek more education in rigorous thinking and ethical decision making. It seems there is not a great demand for reading the traditional dense texts of philosophy, but discussions about current events in the light of philosophical issues is popular. It’s an interesting change as students switch from the vocationally oriented business and technology classes to the broader humanities. It will take time to see how well this current crop of students fare when they hit the job market. But even if earning power is not dramatically increased by philosophy, a growing interest in the life of ideas should be good for the civic health of the community, which depends so much on thoughtful discussion of issues by local citizens.

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