Thinking about water

Governor Schwarzenegger has told us that the state is now officially short of water and all of us should prepare to conserve. Of course this hits farmers worst of all, and we all suffer when vegetables and fruits are not as available as we expect, but it will hit private homes too. Looking back, it’s easy to see that periodic droughts are normal in California, but every time one comes along it feels like a new assault on our way of life. As all those green lawns begin to turn brown, homeowners regret the time and energy they spent nurturing them. Perhaps it is time to think more seriously about replacing lawns with artificial turf that never needs mowing and looks good through all weather conditions. California wasn’t made for green lawns and our attempts to build an artificial “green and pleasant land” are a mix of nostalgia and fantasy. The ever-changing landscape of an arid state can be beautiful if we work with nature instead of against it, and for those who still long for year round green–modern science has developed realistic looking turf that works.

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