They’re turning out to vote

The South Carolina Democratic primary voters are going to the polls in large numbers, probably setting new records. Primary voting this season has been higher than it has been for years. Pundits argue about the reasons, but the fact that there is no incombent is one factor. Another one, surely is the strong feelings the past four years, and especially the war in Iraq have raised. It is encouraging for those of us who work to get people out to vote in every election to see that when they think the decision is important enough, voters do turn out. It doesn’t hurt that many people believe the array of candidates is impressive and that several of them would make an excellent president. We can all be proud to vote in a primary that features candidates who are knowledgeable and capable and also reflect our diverse electorate by including a woman and an African American as choices. 2008 is already a trendsetting year, no matter what happens in November.

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