There must be a better way

Once again teachers in California are bearing the brunt of the state’s inability to come up with a workable budget. Teachers are receiving layoff notices this week, although final decisions on how many actually have to leave will not be made at least until May 15. Well into the summer the legislature and the governor will be struggling to finalize a budget that will let schools, and other agencies, know how much money they will have next year. Anyone who is a parent knows that teaching young children is a stressful occupation. Our teachers spend years preparing to face the classroom and hours getting ready for each day’s lessons, not to mention the hours spent talking with parents about a child’s progress. Why can’t we provide the job security teachers need to go through the year thinking about their students rather than worrying about their mortgage payments? There must be a better way to plan ahead and provide our teachers with the support they need to prepare our children for a better life.

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