The League takes a stand

Governor Schwarzenegger has been traveling around the state to lobby for the ballot measures slated to appear on the May 19th special election. In a recent talk at the Commonwealth Club, he declared that they are a package and all must be passed so that the California budget process can be reformed. The California League of Women Voters, on the other hand, has come to the conclusion that four of the proposed measures should be rejected. The League has always advocated for flexibility for state officials in carrying out their responsibilities, and they have concluded that Prop 1A places too many limits on that flexibility. The mesure will “tie the hands of the Legislature and Governor as they face changing needs for state and local government services”. Voters will no doubt hear many arguments for and against the propositions as the election draws near. They are complicated proposals and require careful reading, but they are important and the worst thing a citizen could do is to give up and fail to vote. Now is the time for every potential voter to pay attention, make up his or her mind, and VOTE IN THE MAY 19TH ELECTION.

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