The League does it again

If eternal vigilence is the price of liberty, it is lucky the League has so many members watching elections carefully in all parts of the country. On Shelter Island, at the Eastern end of Long Island, the League discovered that the U.S. Post Office was not allowing applications for absentee ballots to be made available in local post offices. The N.Y. Times quotes Cathy Kenny, president of the Shelter Island’s chapter of the League of Women Voters saying “It’s disturbing if the U.S. Post office is not open about letting this information flow through their own facility.” The League complained, the local newspaper printed an article, and the postal service changed its mind. They decided that applications for absentee ballots were not the same as campaign material and began to make them available to the public. Once again the League has quietly and efficiently gone about its job of helping citizens participate in the democratic process of government. Three cheers for Shelter Island!

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