Test for voters

Today is Election Day, but do California voters remember they are expected to go to the polls? Back in February, if you can remember that far back, there was great excitement about the presidential primary, but today’s vote doesn’t seem to have many people excited. According to the S.F. Chronicle, the voter turnout is expected to be very low despite the importance of the issues. Too much of the publicity surrounding elections focuses on candidates and the endless struggle to displace one candidate by another in the legislature. Actually, ballot measures are often more important than personnel. There are no term limits on ballot measures and the decisions we make at one particular election will influence the way our government works for years into the future. This may not be the best way to make public decisions, but it is the system we have chosen. There are several important measures on the ballot today, so go out and vote and encourage your friends and neighbors to do the same. If you have questions about what we’re voting for, visit http://www.smartvoter.org for more information.

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