Taking out the garbage

San Francisco has its challenges, and now it seems that garbage is one of them. Many of us in the city have been separating garbage into blue, black or green bins for years now, but this has not been done all over the city. Now a strict new law will make it mandatory for everyone to participate in this recycling effort. If this system is successful it will cut down on San Francisco’s production of greenhouses gases and make the environment better for all of us. Speaking as one who has sorted garbage for several years now, I must admit there are still questions that come up–where do milk cartons go? what about light bulbs? which kind of bulb? Citizens will get new lists of types of materials suitable for each bin, but be prepared for a few kitchen table arguments, especially with children, about exactly where each item belongs. Don’t worry! San Franciscans can cope with earthquakes and mudslides, so we can surely overcome the garbage problem. And it feels so good to get it right!

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