Eleanor Gonzalez

Eleanor GonzalezFrom the Story Bank:

I first turned to the League when I became an American citizen and became eligible to vote. I was very excited but overwhelmed by all the propositions on the ballot and looked to the League for guidance. A co-worker recommended that I look at the League of Women Voters’ Pro-Con Guide to better understand the ballot measures. I was very impressed. Since then, I have been recommending the League’s website to people so they can gain an understanding of issues prior to casting their votes.

I was fortunate to learn more about the League from someone who is very passionate about the organization and the good work it does in the community. When I attended the LWV meetings, I realized that I have not met a group that is more dedicated and involved in educating the citizens of San Francisco than the League of Women Voters. As I became more involved, I was asked to join the League as Treasurer and become a member of the Board. I still remember participating in voter registration and walking up and down the Mission District with other board members distributing the Pro-Con Guide.

The idea of getting involved in a democracy was a new experience for me. Prior to moving to the US, I lived in a country that was under martial law during most of my formative years. Community involvement during that time was not very popular since you can go to jail for being involved! One of the reasons I became a citizen of this great country was the privilege of being able to vote and voice my opinion.

Almost ten years later, I am back as the Treasurer of LWVSF and am looking forward to participating in League activities. Since joining the League, I have met a lot of people and forged friendships with like-minded folks. I would like to see more people joining the League in order for it to continue and expand its good work.

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