Cynthia Foster

Cynthia FosterFrom the Story Bank:

The League of Women Voters became a part of my life when I first became eligible to vote. Wanting to educate myself on the issues, I turned to the League so I could make informed decisions when casting my ballot. The Pros & Cons guides are well researched, objective and easy to understand. 35 years later, I still turn to the League to educate myself on ballot issues.

Like many volunteers, I became involved with the League because I was asked. The first event I attended was the Women Who Could Be President Gala. The honorees were impressive and the volunteers were welcoming. I became a member that evening!

My first role in the San Francisco League was Treasurer where I recognized the importance of funding for this great organization. Funds to support the League’s education efforts come from grants, donations, membership revenue and fundraising events. Without this funding, the League cannot do what it does best, which is provide informed, nonpartisan, detailed information on candidates, propositions, and local measures for every election.

I really enjoy volunteering with the candidate forums. True to League form, the forums are well planned and executed. League members and the community come up with the questions and each candidate has the same amount of time to answer each question. While it can be a bit stressful to manage the stop watch (it involves split second accuracy!), it’s important to make sure every candidate has equal time. That is the League way…non-partisan and fair.

As the San Francisco League celebrates its centennial, it’s important to note that the League still takes a grassroots approach when studying issues. It is a consensus process where League members research issues, draw on their own resources, meet with public officials and reach out to the community. It is an amazing group of volunteers who take their task seriously.

In my role as First Vice President, my goal is to encourage community members to become a part of the League. While it is important to have active volunteers, it is also important to have members who want to support the League’s efforts so we can keep supporting informed, active participation in the democratic process for another 100 years.

The League of Women Voters is an organization of women and men who want to make a difference in the political future of our local, state and national communities. I am so proud to be a part of this organization!

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