Aisha Canfield

aisha canfieldFrom the Story Bank

My journey with the League began during my junior year at San Francisco State University. A course I was taking called “Women in the World” required volunteer work in order to pass the class and receive full credit. Although the Bay Area boasts of a plethora of non-profit organizations, clinics and other institutions that embrace and praise volunteerism, I found myself overwhelmed in my search to find an appropriate match. Little did I know the perfect match would soon find me.

My childhood in southern California was a colorful and diverse one. Born to an African-American mother and Caucasian father, multi-culturalism was more than a notion. As I grew more aware of the historical implications of my ethnic makeup, a strong sense of justice was simultaneously developing. My parents, as social workers by profession and by innate calling, nurtured my vocal ideas of what was right and wrong in the world through constantly engaging me in dialogues that called for my opinions, as well as by challenging them. While as an adolescent, these dialogues often proved difficult for my parents when the subject was curfew or usage of the car, my intuitive and persuasive skills served me well as an adult.

During my class one evening, a member of the League spoke to us about upcoming projects that would need volunteers. One of those discussed was the televised pro/con discussions. As an opinionated Communications major with an affinity for political communication, I knew the League had a place for me.

I have since graduated from college but my work with and dedication to the League and its goal of educating and encouraging voters continues. Not only have I become a smarter voter, myself, I have also had the pleasure of meeting incredibly knowledgeable, successful and generous people.

My work with the League as a newly appointed board member continues to be exciting. I have used my work as a platform to give back to my community in a way that is significant to me with a long-term affect while also carving out my own future. Over the last few years I have obtained various skills admired by employers, experience applicable for admission to law school, and established life-long relationships.

I am honored to be a part of the League and looking forward to continuing my contribution to its movement.

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