Still fighting

For years the League of Women Voters has been fighting for election finance reform and for a while, with the passage of the McCain Feingold Bill, it seemed as though we were winning the fight. However, no victory is secure, it seems, and the provisions of campaign finance reform have been weakened by recent decisions of the Supreme Court. The Washington Post focuses on the League’s attempts to reduce the amount of money spent on campaigns and the lavish gifts given by corporations and labor unions to some candidates. Recent news stories have given details about the immense amounts of money spent on federal and state campaigns, but attempts to lessen the influence of this money continue to falter. As always, the League has to work within the constraints of judicial rulings, but reformers have not given up hope of finding less money-driven ways to elect officials. Local Leagues and study groups can continue to be aware of this issue and attempt to learn more about how campaign finance can finally be made to work effectively.

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