Sponsoring a bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge is turning 70 this year and, like many seniors, it is a little short of money. Drivers who use the bridge object to paying higher tolls, so the next step seems to be asking for corporate sponsorship in return for publicity. Some members of the Board of Supervisors, such as Jake McGoldrick, object strongly to this solution, claiming that the bridge should be supported by tax money. Supporters of the sponsorship idea point out that the bridge is not going to be renamed and there will not be billboards dangling from the structure. There will, however, be corporate advertising on the bridge plaza and in whatever other places can be agreed upon. The sponsors will want the public to know who is keeping this landmark in good condition. Citizens who have strong feelings about this issue should make their voices heard. Nothing has been decided yet, but the process is moving along, so let your representatives know what you think should be done.

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