Sorting out the candidates

The run-up to the 2008 presidential election already seems the longest campaign in memory. Week after week goes by with more statements by candidates of both of the major parties, an occasional candidate dropping out (Brownback the latest) and even new candidates joining the ranks. There are rumors of a third party candidate sponsored by conservative Republicans, and Michael Bloomberg has his bankbook ready in case he is called. How are voters going to sort out all the possibilities? One new initiative by the National League of Women Voters is preparing voters guide to candidates for the presidential candidates:
At Council 2007 a number of Leagues signed a petition, initiated by the Maryland, National Capitol Area and the Virginia Leagues, asking LWVUS to produce a Voters’ Guide for the 2008 Presidential candidates. The LWVUS Board accepted this proposal, and, with the help of these three Leagues, will undertake this crucial voters’ service project. Only candidates that meet the LWVUS criteria will be invited to provide answers to the LWVUS questionnaire.
This will be a helpful tool for League chapters all over the country. Citizens from Tampa to San Francisco can look forward to having balanced, objective information available in time for them to decide how to mark their ballots. Once again the League is offering a practical service to make voting easier and help keep democracy flourishing.

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