Something completely different

As we start the last holiday weekend of the summer, perhaps its time to turn away from social issues and relax with some of the things we like best. Many League ladies like to read and also to eat, and you can find a combination of these in a slim book by Mark Crick called “Kafka’s Soup: A Complete History of World Literature in 14 Recipes“. Crick has managed to devise a collection of recipes with directions given in the distinctive style of famous writers. Who could resist the opening sentence of “Tarragon Eggs a la Jane Austen” “It is a truth universally acknowledged that eggs, kept for too long, go off“? And who wouldn’t fall under the spell of John Steinbeck giving a recipe for Mushroom Risotto that starts, “The porcini lay dry and wrinkled, each slice twisted by thirst and the color of parched earth.” Before you head for the beach or mountains stop by your local library or bookstore and check out a few dishes. There will be time to worry about politics when Tuesday comes.

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