Some things never change

Uppity women who seek political office have always been the target of nasty comments and jokes, but surely we are moving beyond that now, aren’t we? During the endless 2008 political campaigns, more women ran for office in the U.S. than ever before. Like anyone running for office, women candidates have to have thick skins and be able to shrug off unkind and rude comments, but where do we draw the line between the normal nastiness of any campaign and the misogynistic out-of-line attacks coming from some in the media. A new website called “Where’s the Line?” takes a look at some of the questionable attacks on female candidates this year. Take a look at the video. The language may offend you, and I wouldn’t recommend that you invite your 10-year-old to view it, but every one of these examples appeared in public media or public places during the past year. It’s time we acknowledge that some things haven’t changed fast enough, and time for us to explain to the media where the line should be drawn.

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