Solar power. Green energy tax credits. New jobs. This must be San Francisco.

Have you been keeping current with the City’s project to increase the amount of solar energy generated by municipal sources by five megawatts?  Construction is steaming along, with 5,000 of the project’s 24,000 solar panels already installed over the Sunset district reservoir.   For context, a megawatt can provide power for 700 homes, give or take.  Once completed, the panelled reservoir will be the largest municipal green energy project in the State. 

The project is a joint venture with private companies in order to leverage federal energy tax credits (perfectly legal).  Not only will it generate green energy, but dozens of new jobs. 

Here’s another progressive step by the Mayor and Sups, who not only talk about ideas that benefit us the people, but develop and execute them, as well.  San Francisco.  Good for us.

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