Schools in trouble again

San Francisco schools struggle every year to keep within their budgets and at the same time meet the needs of their students. This year, as reported in the Chronicle, they expect to be ten million dollars in the hole in the Governor’s new budget. The budget does provide more flexibility in using funds, but switching money away from building maintenance and into daily expenses is not a smart way to use money. Every homeowner knows how neglected maintenance can build up into massive bills as property gets more run down and needs more expensive repairs. Charter schools will fare even worse than the standard public schools as there are no rainy day funds allocated to them. Everyone who values education in San Francisco will have to keep a sharp eye on the schools and let public officials know about their concerns. Even while you enjoy your holiday weekend, don’t forget that come Tuesday it will be time to pay close attention to public affairs, so rest and build up strength for the budget battles to come.

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